I, Edward Barron Chandler, can only see one future. In the palms of that future stands the power of Confederation.

I was invited to the 1864 Charlottetown Conference, where I was educated on our governmental issues, and I have become convinced that Confederation is an inevitable move. However, I must push for terms that favour New Brunswick. In order to have my people’s voices heard, Maritime Union should happen.┬áNew Brunswick in particular needs Confederation because of our U.S. border, so defense is highly important.

Though I think that Confederation is where our future lies, provincial rights are of utmost importance and I suggest some fair compromises. Confederation will only be effective is the central government has clearly defined powers, and provinces have their own as well. MacDonald is mistaken – power to local governments will not result in another American Civil War, but will ensure that each province has its own rights. Additionally, I suggest that “Rep by Pop” does not happen because our colony has a smaller population in comparison to the rest of what may become new Canada. New Brunswick deserves just as much power as out bigger neighbors.

I also believe that Confederation should move forward because I support the construction of a railway from sea to sea. This will allow New Brunswick, alongside other small colonies, to flourish outside of our usual trade zones and help the economy, especially our business in timber, forestry, pulp and paper, fisheries, and floriculture. It will also improve communications among the land we share.

I am a spokesman of my people, and with my voice, it is only right to speak for what is best.






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