This year’s in-depth has really been an adventure.

I wrote a first draft of a novel for the first time, was able to secure a mentor who is a professional author, and made giant leaps in my understanding of the book/publishing industry as a whole.

Although I cannot say I have written a novel, which would have been unrealistic anyway due to the short time frame, I have written more of a novel than I ever have. In fact, I have even begun revising and creating a second draft of the novel.

Something important I learned from my experience is that always being excited about something is hard. Our passions and interests tend to fluctuate, and so did my interest in the story I was writing.

Here’s a excrept that I plan to read. After this, I will provide a ‘blurb’ about the book to the audience to make them want to read the book.

“Have you ever felt like, when you’re breathing, you’re not breathing at all? It’s like someone carved out a hole right outta your lungs and when you breathe, instead of getting any air in you, it’s like, whoosh, in through your mouth and whoosh out of your chest and it never reaches your lungs and your diaphragm never contracts and there’s no oxygen in your blood.

Technically, I should be dead, but somehow I am not dead, which leads me to the conclusion that, I am, in fact, filling myself with hyperboles and exaggeration and dramatization, and really I am breathing but I can’t feel the air going anything at all.

I wonder if I smelled everyone in this waiting area, I could smell every part of the world.

I squeeze my full suitcase in between my skinny knees and try not to think about the empty, because my dumb butt neglected the fact that humans can’t survive off of nothing and forgot to bring food. And, naturally, when the human body is deprived of food, that’s all the human body can think about.

It’s a lot more interesting than thinking about how I got here.”

Overall, I think my project was a success. To be honest, I’ve been reading on what I previously wrote and I cannot stop feeling embarrassed about it, even though only my mentor has seen it. It really gives me perspective on how my thoughts and ideas change over such a short amount of time and forced me to face my own writing.

At first I struggled with figuring out how to encapsulate my project on In-Depth night. How could I communicate to visitors how much time and energy I spent on m writing if all I had to show was something unfinished and would just look like a stack of paper?

Then it hit me – I could present a booktalk.

My plan for my In-Depth performance is to pitch my ‘book’ to the audience, much like the way an author would pitch a book to a publisher. I want to make a cover for a pseudo book for my presentation.

This format of presenting has its pros and cons,  but I think it would make more sense because I have done learning centres for my past in-depths and I really wanted to branch out this year and think of a creative way to present, rather than making yet another tri-fold.

I’m excited to try something new this year and present what I’ve been working on every day for the past months.

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