1. a thing that happens, especially one of importance.
    “one of the main political events of the late 20th century”
    • a planned public or social occasion.
      “events to raise money for charity”
      synonyms: occurrencehappening, proceeding, incidentaffaircircumstanceoccasionphenomenonMor



For my Wheels of Revolution event, I chose a planned public or social occasion rather than an unplanned event to highlight how events intentionally impact social evolution and how it can unexpectedly impact it as well.

A Wheel of Revolution is a social evolution process that usually follows a S.T.E.P. or P.E.S.T order. The letters stand for Social, Technological, Economical, and Political.

The event I chose is Eco Fashion Week. Eco Fashion week is a fashion showcase highlighting fashion that is sustainable and innovative.

Eco Fashion Week produces first international event in ...

(Unfortunately, this event will no longer be happening in the future due to lack of financial support.) Currently, the way that Canadians treat fashion and clothing is not sustainable. For example, it takes 2,700 litres of water to make one cotton shirt (according to http://www.wri.org), which is about enough water for one person to drink for 2 1/2 years.

“Polyester production for textiles released about 706 billion kg (1.5 trillion pounds) of greenhouse gases in 2015, the equivalent of 185 coal-fired power plants’ annual emissions” (Drew, Yehounme, 2017).

Fashion Sustainability - Trusted Clothes

For more information, visit this website.

Here is what Eco Fashion Week identifies themselves as:

“Established in Vancouver, BC in 2010, Eco Fashion Week (EFW) has successfully showcased 11 editions featuring over 150 of designers and stylists from around the globe. As a not-for-profit organization, EFW aims to present the solutions and innovations working to develop a more responsible fashion industry. The sustainable fashion spectrum is diverse and multifaceted, as it considers the environment, the working conditions, the supply chain as well as responsible consumption practices. At EFW, we call this the Eco Recipe. In short, an Eco Recipe is individualistic and speaks to the ways companies, brands and individuals practice sustainability” (http://ecofashion-week.com/index.php/about/).


Here is a mind map I made of my notes on the event/movement. You can see that I used grey lines to interconnect my ideas. I used Green for my titles, black for my main points, and grey for my significance/evidence. I wish that the Social Evolution Wheel included Environmental, because my event was highly based around that.

Since Environmental is not on our list, it can be said that Eco Fashion Week’ ‘social revolution wheel’ began as a Social movement. With our earth’s health increasingly at risk, fashion and sustainably sourced clothing has become a big conversation. Eco Fashion week is the world’s largest sustainable fashion event. This event shows that society finds this cause important and will lead to change. Holding Eco Fashion week resulted in raised awareness in consumers, making them conscious of their purchasing decisions. This creates a social movement towards sustainability in clothing and fashion. It connects designers/producers and consumers with similar interests and goals.

This connects to technology, because having conscious and interested consumers means that designers such as Anian MFG, Bellatoni, Sonam Dubal, etc., have more financial backing and inclination to research and use sustainable textiles and focus on fiber sourcing which lessens environmental harm. This leads to waste diversion.

5 reasons why you should care about Eco Fashion Week ...

(Design by Sonan Dubal)

Fiber sourcing leads to job sourcing, which impacting the Economy. Ethical brands provide jobs and opportunities to struggling groups, or just people in general. Even though product prices may rise, workers are treated fairly and the quality of goods will likely be higher.

LUSH factory photo tour: Inside the Willy Wonka factory of ...

(image source: businessinsider.com)

A good example of this is Lush, a cosmetic and bath store that has somewhat steep prices but all their goods are carefully handmade from fine ingredients. Retail leaders will feel inclined to produce in a more conscious way and potentially reduce waste of water and use non damaging textiles. Eco-friendly businesses such as Lush (bath products), Method (household cleaning products), and Pantagonia (outdoor equipment) receive support and influence other companies to do the same. Eco Fashion Week involves fashion and industry retail leaders and key stakeholders, including big names like Lululemon. This affects the rise and fall of consumption of brands and clothes. It affects brand integrity, or the way that consumers perceive a company.

Brand integrity connects to Politics. Brands are “people of power”. Once people of power feel an obligation to protect the environment, potential new laws, regulations, and rules may be set in place to increase sustainability. For example, many grocery stores are beginning to charge 5 cents per plastic bag, which encourages shoppers to bring their own and help reduce plastic waste. Thanks to events and movements like Eco Fashion Week, people in politics or a position of power are beginning to move towards a more sustainable way of living.

My event follows the same trajectory as intentionally created events, such as the Grammy Awards. Society decides a song is popular, much like society decides that they care about sustainable fashion. This moves to Technology, meaning that artists produce more songs using the same technology as the popular songs. They create new sound and music that they think will be catchy, much like how designers harness new textiles to see what is “catchy” or fashionable. Consumers buy the product, which in the Grammy’s case is music and in Eco Fashion Week, the fashion. Finally, Politics step in. People vote for the best song of the year or the album of the year, or another award. It’s an election for the best music of the year. As you can see, the Grammys also follow a S.T.E.P wheel.

(image source: gackhollywood.com)

The Eco Fashion Week S.T.E.P. wheel represents justice for the planet, sustainable designers, and we, the consumers. It represents the justice of being knowledgeable about what we consume and how to protect your world. It currently remains unresolved as climate change is a battle we still fight today. I hope the revolution for environmental sustainability stays strong. I believe the ‘consequences’ of Eco Fashion Week are highly positive to everyone involved, from designers, to companies, to consumers because it means a healthier Earth for everyone.

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