You know the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”? HA HA HA.

While trying to visualize this text as a graphic novel, I realized how little the pictures sometimes speak. There’s just something about reading where the reader gets to visualize everything in their head and let the words speak for themselves. They get to create their own vision.

With graphic novels, you are feeding a vision to the reader. You can’t really use words as symbols, and pictures themselves are arguably way more subjective than words.

I wanted to graphic novelize a chapter of the book, but in reality, I only got through one paragraph. The thing is, in books, every words holds importance. It was incredibly difficult for me to pick and choose what I was going to include, and what I was going to exclude. And for what I chose to include, I had to figure out how I was going to draw that, because it’s difficult to draw adjectives clearly. For example, how do you show someone is moving “stealthily” without having the usage of words or being able to animate? I’m beginning to think that in many ways creating a graphic novel is way harder than writing a novel. In novels, it’s about the relationship of the author with the words. In graphic novels, it’s more about the relationship of the author first with the idea, then the words, then trying to draw words into pictures that would be easily interpreted.

In the end, the ratio of graphic novel to text was three pages of visuals to one paragraph of text.

During the break I went to Staples to get my drawings scanned. My printer at home died (RIP), so I had to go somewhere else to get them done.

This probably isn’t how the pros do it, but I learned how art gets scanned and sent as digital copies, and I learned about how I can make touch ups on the computer afterwards to make the images stand out more. In graphic novels, the story really depends of the ‘feel’ and quality of the artwork, so having a high quality scan and printed copy is essential.

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