My Hamilton Theme map. Photo creds to me.

My Hamilton Theme map. Photo creds to me.


As indicated above, the theme I chose to express from Hamilton was “True good versus evil does not exist.” If that isn’t clear enough, basically my point is that nothing and no one is ever 100% pure or 100% evil.

My examples were The conflict between Hamilton and Burr, the conflict between Seabury and Hamilton, the two duels that took place in the musical, and Hamilton’s affair with Maria. Through my map, I highlighted some main points in those conflicts, and how neither party was the “good” or “right” party, or the “bad” one. Even if one person seemed to be the most at fault, there were always evidence that the other contributed negatively to the problem as well, leaving a blurry line between good vs evil.

I included some quotes from the musical that highlight that each character had their shortcomings, but also their ethics and reasons for carrying out the actions that they did.


The reason this theme resonates with me is because we’re presented, from a young age, this storybook idea of “bad versus good” and obviously, that’s not the case. It’s really important to consider perspectives; for example, In the fateful duel between Hamilton and Burr, Burr may have been the one to kill the other man, but he had reason to, as clearly depicted in the line “He will not make an orphan of my daughter,” displaying Burr’s fear of leaving his daughter behind after his potential death.

Even when we talk about figures or events that seem purely evil (i.e. Adolf Hitler or Donald Trump) it’s important to understand that what they did or will do in the future are not necessarily the acts of the devil, but may have had some good consequences too. (Just to be clear, I’m not saying they’re good guys. But they weren’t, y’know, evil. It’s a very arguable subject.) It works for “good guys” too. Though Hamilton is the protaganist of our story, there are an abundance of acts that he did that can be perceived as wrong or bad.

I kind of touched on what my theme reveals about history in the earlier paragraph – horrible events, like 9/11 or the World Wars seems like terrible, dreadful things that we would have been better off without having, but if if you dig, positives came out of every situation, so it’s impossible to deem it fully sinful. (Sometimes you have to really, really, dig.) It’s like what we read in the article “History Tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump” by Tobias Stone.

One of the big ideas my theme connects to is “Emerging Ideas and Ideologies profoundly influence societies and Events” because new ideas about how we look at events and figures in the past change how we see what came after. Hamilton the musical itself is a great example – Hamilton used to be unknown and not recognized for his accomplishments, and now, years later, he is getting that recognition because of a new idea.



  1. Yooooo Phia your mind map is so cool and the way you organized each point (especially the Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton section) is SUPER CREATIVE!!! AAAA AND YOUR DRAWINGS ARE SICK!!! also I love your handwriting.

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